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You can’t stop me now…

It’s the truth. That this life can be shitty as fuck. It can be equally the bees knees. So in order to enjoy the good times, we must learn to endure the bad times. Even when it seems like the shitty days are never-ending, it’s worth it in the end. The people we meet in life, the relationships we have, the memories we make, the emotions we keep. Sometimes people must hurt in order to heal. So do that shit. No point in making things worse. If you have to, spend a few days away from the world completely. Regain your inspiration and your happiness by disengaging your negativity. Sometimes we just need a weekend to get it all out.

I took this picture within days of my last dark period starting. And I will be damned if I will always find relevance in that moment in time.



Every student at every educational level’s biggest enemy. I get so sick of this shit. Then I remember, I have it easy.

When winter comes I will need to keep someone warm…


Hot Olympians. Just another reason to watch.

There is more, trust me. But anyway….

My Favorite

I would poke her.

But chances are she’s so used to holding that big stick, that mine will fail in comparison. Heyoh.


Cat House On The Kings

Cat House On The Kings

Getting back on the workhorse again. Not the one you might think. Music. Writing/Blogging. Drawing. That kind of stuff. The creative side in me wants to explode, and in such a good way. New things to come. In the meantime check this place out. The utopia for rescued kitties and cats.

Netsky 2

Halfway through Netsky 2. I know purist’s and old school junglists will hate it. I don’t, I am neither though. I don’t even like eltctro house but Puppy is good shit to my ears for some reason. Oh no the trance n bass is infecting me. I’m ok with it and I am sure I will get ripped on for it. It’s fine.

I called Netsky getting huge 2 years ago. Watch. It’s going to go mainstream over here in the next year. I love Hospital Records because I like really melodic, pretty, and even trance influenced dnb. I have no idea why, maybe because I am a giant pussy or sap. All I know is everything is subjective, to a point. 

I love this record now that I have made it to the final track. Needless to say I will be listening to it nonstop for probably a month. I suggest anyone who likes liquid to get it. If you dig trance I suggest you get it. If you like atmospheric jungle I suggest it also. If you are a purist or elite junglist, I would say avoid it because it will probably piss you off. 

Good music to dance to, poi to, hoop to, fuck to. Btw if you don’t fuck to any kind of jungle, I feel bad for you. Everyone can fuck to house music. Real men can fuck to drum and bass. 


A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own or intolerant of people of different political views, ethnicity, race, class, religion, profession, sexuality or gender.

If calling for equality in a fucked up society makes me an asshole or a dick in your eyes, then so be it. Until you have walked a mile in my shoes you won’t have any idea how I got to this understanding and mentality that I have today. You don’t know where I have been, so typecasting me into some bull shit box is pointless. I will take a bullet in the face for those who can’t stand up for themselves. That’s just who I am. So if being about unity for most of my life makes me a commie fag bottom feeder, well I guess sign me up for my bridge card, my dance lessons, and Karl Marx book groups. I’ll take fighting for those who continue to be wronged, over fighting alongside the ignoramus’s that continue to fuck the lower and middle classes of our society. I’m proud that I give a fuck about the future of this country and planet, and if I offend you for being whatever it is you are I apologize. Just get out of my way if you aren’t going to help us go forward.